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Leo van Duijn – AkzoNobel

'For us, integrated facility management from Eurest Services means that one party is responsible for providing all the services we need. This ensures seamless service and gives us a central point of contact. Eurest Services meets our expectations and keeps its promises.'


Frank Haasen Regional Manager Facilities & Real Estate EMEA - Medtronic

'I have come to know Compass Group as an organisation where honesty, transparency and ownership are high on the list of priorities. I have seen how its employees abide by these values in a completely natural way, never seeming forced or insincere, but simply because that is how this organisation is put together. The communication is always open and honest, with respect for the wishes and needs of the customer, but also with respect for the individual. No topic is off limits. If there is ever a mistake, it is always openly admitted and corrected without a fuss. The company is dedicated to providing good service, and that is plain to see.
I find this a pleasant way of treating one another, based on human values. That has stuck with me. It feels natural and makes it pleasant to work together. The human being takes centre stage. And it couldn't be any other way, because Compass provides services by people, for people.
You can be the best service provider, with the most extensive package of services... or the fastest, or the most innovative, or the cheapest, or whatever... but what it all comes down to is the way you make your customer feel about your services. A good feeling goes a long way, but a bad feeling sticks with you forever…
That is true for every consumer. The greengrocer of the past knew that all too well, just like any other shopkeeper or small business owner. For a large business, it is the art of staying small. That's something Compass is very good at. It’s a people’s business!'